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Monthly Archives: January 2016

  1. How to Gear up for your stint at the Gym

    Kudos to you, if you’ve decided to pay more attention to your body in the interest of keeping healthy. Joining a gym is a great way to keep your body in shape with a good workout. However, you will need a couple of things to ensure that your stint at the sports club is a total hit. Read on to know of the gym essentials you will need to carry along with you.

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  2. Why You Must Add Turkish Towels to Your Packing List

    One of the biggest tasks when it comes to travelling is creating a packing list. However much you try you always end up forgetting one essential. Well, now you have another versatile item to include in your packing list next time you travel. Turkish towels are all the range in fashion stores and for many good reasons.  They are deceptively thin but when you start using one you will be amazed by how great it feels. Hammams or peshtemals as these products are known are a great addition to your packing list whether you are flying or heading to the beach.
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  3. Advantages of Trendy Yet Soft Cotton Turkish Towels

    When it comes to skin care, you must not only be mindful about the products you apply, but also the kind of towel you use for cleansing your skin. The soft fabric and durable blend of Turkish towels will make you want to have them replace your usual face cloth, flannel or even your regular bath or beach towel. Read on to find out the lucrative advantages of these towels.

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  4. Turkish Beach Towels: A Simple Yet Perfect Holiday Gift

    While the holidays are supposed to be fun there is always the tricky part in picking gifts for your loved ones. The biggest problem is the fact that you have exhausted all gift ideas over the years. Surprisingly studies show that most people receive gifts they don’t need and they end up storing them for years before donating. What if you can buy your loved a gift that they will love and regularly use? Turkish beach towels are the answer.
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  5. How to Amp up Your Spa Style Quotient with Designer Towels

    Taking a lavish break from demanding lives with a tranquil day at the spa is a popular trend. However, heading to the spa or sauna is more than just unwinding as it is the perfect opportunity to make a grand style statement. If you’re looking for a chic fabric that will help you flaunt your style at the spa, then pick out some Hammam in Pink Lemonade or Orange hues.

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  6. Two Steps to Follow While Getting Ready for the Beach

    Nothing can be better than spending a long and lazy day at the beach. Soaking in the warm rays of the sun while watching the soft waves wash ashore makes for the perfect day. If you’re looking forward for such a day, you will need certain beach essentials. This write-up is aimed at getting you fully beach ready so you lack for nothing on your day in the sun.

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