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Monthly Archives: April 2016

  1. Beach Lovers and Turkish towels – The Romantic Saga!

    From Johnny Depp to Beyoncé, everyone loves to adorn the Turkish towel while visiting the beach and the reasons are aplenty. This classic piece of fabric has been used for centuries by Turkish Royals and today people carrying them while visiting the beach instantly fall in love with their handy nature, vibrant colours and more
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  2. Turkish Towels in the open are just too perfect!

    Closed cabinets for towel storage and towel bars or hooks are way too conventional for a modern living space. Whether strewn artistically across furniture or stacked into clearly visible spaces of a home, Turkish towels Melbourne are the king when it comes to outstanding and inexpensive home décor.

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  3. The Bohemian Beauty of Turkish Towels

    Almost six hundred years ago, Turkish bathhouses (also called as hammam) were adorned with generously sized towels made from natural fibres and hand-loomed by artisans from the Aegean regions of Turkey. Even today, these Turkish towels serve as a valuable addition to homes; they are a delightful holiday gift and most importantly a fantastic way to add aesthetic appeal to a space within a limited budget.
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