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Monthly Archives: May 2016

  1. How to Enhance the Style of Your Bathroom with Turkish Towels

    Turkish towels are a part of the history that is hundreds of years old. From adding beauty to the living space to serving a multitude of functions such as cleaning, drying quickly and so on, every home needs them invariably. Read on to find out three distinct ways to add Turkish towels to the bathroom space.
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  2. Four Perfect Places That Need the Turkish delight in Your Apartment

    Apartments come in all sizes and types. Irrespective of the style of the apartment, Turkish towels act as a wonderful addition to add more elegance and class. Here is a list of tips to make use of this versatile towel across various rooms in an apartment.
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  3. Turkish Towels and Summer Love

    Summer is probably the best time of the year to take a trip to some of the most breathtaking spots along the coast. Everyone loves the sunshine for it is the ideal time for beach parties and BBQs in the island country.
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  4. Turkish Towels for the New Mum

    While tossing around with a dozen gift ideas for the new mum in the family, the plush Turkish towels may come across as the not-so-common option. However, Turkish towels are so apt for the novice mother; from wrapping the little one in one of those stylish pieces of clothing to covering up while on the beach, Turkish towels serve a multitude of purposes. Read on to learn more…
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