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Monthly Archives: July 2016

  1. Give your Home a Designer Touch with Stunning Towels

    Homeowners are often looking for ways to imbibe a bit of grandeur in their interiors. It could begin by changing the lighting from bulbs to stunning lamps or chandeliers, and even enhancing the luxury quotient of your bathrooms. Indeed renovating your bath is the best way to unwind in luxury after a long day at the office. This write-up helps you give your home a designer touch with designer Turkish towels.
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  2. Glam up for Summer Fun with Designer Turkish Towels

    Strolling across golden sands on the edge of the water in a loosely fitted attractive sarong is quite a popular summer dream. That could be you clad in a stunning designer towel that doubles as a pretty kilt or body wrap or sarong.  This blog tells you how you can glam up your summer by using Turkish towels When you relax under the cool shade of a huge umbrella while sipping lemonade by the pool, a wonderfully soft, yet an eye-catching attractive beach towel can add to your ensemble. You can drape it across your torso for a casual yet cool look on a hot day.

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  3. Your Three Main Australia Summer Essentials

    You may need water and sunscreen to survive the summer, but if you want to have some summer fun under the Australian sun then you have a short checklist. Making the most of great weather is all about being prepared for it so you can maximize revelry at the beach, the pool or even a garden party.
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