Beach Lovers and Turkish towels – The Romantic Saga!

Beach Lovers and Turkish towels – The Romantic Saga!
From Johnny Depp to Beyoncé, everyone loves to adorn the Turkish towel while visiting the beach and the reasons are aplenty. This classic piece of fabric has been used for centuries by Turkish Royals and today people carrying them while visiting the beach instantly fall in love with their handy nature, vibrant colours and more.

Read on to find out three reasons to pick Peshtemals as cheap beach towels.


Turkish towels- a sign of ancient royalty ideal for all beach lovers

Turkish towels are designed to be hyper-absorbent in nature and put all other types of beach towels to shame with minimal effort. It takes less than half the time to dry than other materials and feels heavenly on the skin. With every wash, the cheap beach towels turn softer and more absorbent thus making them the ideal partners for the summer beach party.


Turkish towels- a durable stylish investment

Turkish towels are made of 100% cotton. They last very long in spite of being lashed at by salt water and the scorching sun. Their eye-catching colours do not fade thus imbibing the style quotient for a much longer time.


Turkish towel turns you into an uber fashionista

Drape that lightweight Turkish towel around the waist or neck to show off some skin under the sun. The compact towel fits perfectly into the beach kit and is extremely gentle on the sun-kissed skin.