Benefits of Owning Turkish Towels from Loopys

Benefits of Owning Turkish Towels from Loopys
There are few things better than taking a hot shower after working out and wrapping up in a nice towel. Some of the softest and strongest towels made are Turkish towels.


Strong, Durable Towels

Turkish towels are not just distinctive because they are made in Turkey but they are made from cotton with extra-long fibres, which makes them lightweight yet strong. Aside from reading the tag, you will be able to recognise most Turkish towels because they usually have a cotton fringe hanging from them.

These towels are also known as Peshtemal and Hammam. They are popular because they dry quickly and the more often they are used, the softer and more absorbent they become. Along with using them after a hot shower, they can be taken to the beach or to the gym or you can take a Turkish towel to use on a picnic to sit on.


Made with Organic Cotton

Turkish towels in Australia are made with organic cotton so they are not only durable and soft but they are better for the environment as well. No pesticides or herbicides are used on organic products so there is no harmful runoff from chemicals going into the ground or into nearby water supplies.

Turkish towels are made in wide assortment of colours and designs so you can find some to complement most bathroom designs. Some designs, colours, and patterns are suited for taking to the beach or using poolside. However, they also make great gift towels for family and friends.