Five Creative Ways to Use Turkish Towels

Five Creative Ways to Use Turkish Towels
Summer is coming and with it, a dash of colour will be all around. This is the season where everything seems to glow and what better way to enjoy than hitting the beach with an elegant Turkish towel. Whether you are travelling or just enjoying a lazy afternoon by the pool at home, you should always have Turkish towels around you.  These flat-woven towels are resplendent in appearance and they are so comfortable.


If you have been looking for a way to make your summer livelier it is time to add a few more Turkish beach towels. If you are wondering how a simple towel can make your life more exciting look at the following uses you can put these garments to:

  1. Blankets : When you are idling on the beach or by the pool, this lightweight towel is prefect to wrap around your shoulders. It is warm and good looking which is exactly what you want to get cosy.

  2. Table cloth : If you have an impromptu meal or drinks to serve why worry about your ordinary table cloth when you can choose from among your collection of Turkish towels?

  3. Outdoor picnic rugs : Summer is synonymous with the outdoors and when you are enjoying a picnic, you definitely need a comfy seating. This towel will come in handy as the unique Turkish cotton is soft and comfortable to sit on.

  4. Gym towel : When you hit the gym forget about your bulky towel, instead pack a lightweight Turkish towel in your backpack. It also makes a perfect yoga mat.

  5. Travel wrap around : During your flight you might need something warm but not bulky. These towels are cosy and you will enjoy your nap. They are easy to wrap around your shoulders when sightseeing, hiking or doing other activities.

Summer calls for more colour and carefree approach to clothing and a Turkish towel perfectly suits these requirements.