Glam up for Summer Fun with Designer Turkish Towels

Glam up for Summer Fun with Designer Turkish Towels

Strolling across golden sands on the edge of the water in a loosely fitted attractive sarong is quite a popular summer dream. That could be you clad in a stunning designer towel that doubles as a pretty kilt or body wrap or sarong.  This blog tells you how you can glam up your summer by using Turkish towelsWhen you relax under the cool shade of a huge umbrella while sipping lemonade by the pool, a wonderfully soft, yet eye-catchingly attractive beach towel can add to your ensemble. You can drape it across your torso for a casual yet cool look on a hot day.


Crafted from 100% organic cotton, these Peshtemals towels are created from premium thread that is colour safe as well. Lasting you through innumerable washes, these do not let the colour run or fade, ensuring a lengthy and happy span of beach use.


The last thing you want to do during a bustling summer is to spend time washing your designer towel. Simple care instructions are imperative, so choose Turkish towels that can do with a cold wash, a warm iron and can even be hung to dry.


The latest style trends recommend opting for blends that are all natural. So choose towels crafted from fabrics that comprise of no chemicals or synthetic dyes to make a safe choice for your entire family.


Many prefer to pick one up from the Turkish beach towels sale to make it an affordable purchase. Not only are Turkish Towels affordable, they are durable and the more you use them the softer they become. Also referred to as Hammams, this superlight variety works perfectly for gym use as well as yoga, picnics, travel or beach wear!