Loopys Beach Towels: Stand out from the crowd

Loopys Beach Towels: Stand out from the crowd
A trip to the beach is often a getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There is something about the combination of sand and water that takes away all our stress. Enhancing your beach experience is a special variety of beach towels from Loopys.

Completely devoid of any nylon, these premium cheap beach towels are woven from natural and pure cotton. This is the major reason behind the smooth and soft texture of thesetowels. As a consequence they are super absorbent and dry very quickly. Hand knotted tassels are used in the manufacturing of these towels which makes them durable and strong and look fabulous.

Attractive and easy to wash

The beach towels are available in various colours and designs. Turquoise, yellow, scarlet, pink and purple are the more prominent ones. There are a variety of blue colours such as marine, navy and petrol-blue to go alongside unique colours such as dolphin grey. The original Turkish towels are simple and easy on the eye with white knots providing the finishing touch. They are also very easy to wash with cold water and do not require any dry-cleaning or bleaching agents. Hence, the towels always retain their colours and don’t forget the more you wash your loopy, the softer it becomes.

Besides swimming, they can be used in different ways too- as a sarong or a wrap. Gym and Yoga proponents can utilise the towels after tiring work-out sessions. Eager campers can pack them whenever they travel for hikes. They are also appropriate for interior decorations and holidays as they are light in your suitcase. Add class and comfort to your beach visits by using Loopyscheap beach towels.