Loopys Peshtemals: Pure and Pristine

Loopys Peshtemals: Pure and Pristine

A towel can either enliven your bathing experience or make you feel uncomfortable. There is a vast difference between an ordinary towel and a Turkish peshtemal one. The former is stitched with a mixture of nylon and cotton while a peshtemal towel is hand crafted completely from 100 percent natural and chemical-free cotton.


This explains the supple and soft nature of peshtemals Australia towels. The light-weight texture enables them to dry rapidly. Hand knotted tassels are applied in the production of these towels which makes them long lasting when compared to the normal ones.


All-purpose and distinctive in style

The extravagant towels are available in several types. Turquoise, yellow, navy blue and grey and fuscia towels are in huge demand. Pink comes in standard and coral colours. Double-sided towels with one side's coloured background adorned with white pineapple emblems and the other side decked with a huge coloured pineapple on a white background are in popular demand as Pineapples are on trend this season. Towels with multi-coloured stripes comprising of unique colours also entice buyers.


Aside from bathing, they can be used in different ways- as a sarong or a wrap. Gym and Yoga experts can pack up the towels to enhance their work-out sessions. Avid campers can take the towels to hikes and picnics. They are also suitable for home decor and couch throws. Do not miss out on these colourful towels and gift them to your cherished ones too.