Loopys Pineapple Towels: Cooling your Summers

Loopys Pineapple Towels: Cooling your Summers

Sometimes, life does become monotonous with going over the same routine again and again. There is an inherent need to enliven the proceedings. The answer to make your bath time interesting is Loopys set of designer towels. The most popular among them are the pineapple-themed towels.


They are made entirely of natural and chemical-free Turkish cotton. The supple and light-weight features enable the towels to dry quicker than most others. Hand knotted tassels are employed in the production of these towels which makes them extremely durable and viable.


Pick your favourite colour

The massive-sized towels are available in a wide variety of colours and types. Turquoise and yellow are the more prominent ones. There are also navy blue towels. Pink comes around in conventional and coral colours. On these Turkish towels, one side's background is synonymous with the colour with a white pineapple emblem adorning the centre. The other side comes with a large coloured pineapple on a white silhouette. Hence, these pineapple towels can be used in a double sided manner.


Apart from the usual bathing purpose at the beach, pool or bathroom, they can be utilised in several ways- as a sarong or a wrap. Gym and Yoga aficionados can take the towels to their work-out sessions. Campers can carry the towels to hikes and picnics. Added to these options, they are also suitable for home decorations too. These sturdy towels come packaged ready to give and present to loved ones. Grab these high-quality Loopys' pineapple towels and enjoy the unique experience.