loopys rainbow towels: adding colours to your life

loopys rainbow towels: adding colours to your life

A rainbow is everyone's evening favourite. Watching the seven colours unfurl amidst a picturesque setting is a delightful sight. Taking a leaf out the innate beauty of rainbows is Loopys who have come out with an innovative set of candy stripe towels. The best-selling among them are the designerrainbow towels.


Made completely out of 100 precent chemical-free cotton, the flexibility and light-weight features enable the towels to dry quicker than most others. Hand knotted tassels are employed in producing these towels which make them long-lasting and resilient.


Unique and stimulating style

The 180x100 towels are available in several colours and types. The dual-themed towels come in navy blue with ocean blue and scarlet as the 2nd colour. There are also pink with neon and lime as the alternate choices. On these pure Turkish towels, both side's background is striped from top to bottom. White rope tassels provide the finishing touch. There is of course the all-time favourite rainbow style six-coloured woven stripes comprising of niche flavours such as mint and turquoise.


Aside from the usual bathing purpose, they can be utilised in different ways- as a sarong or a wrap. Gym and Yoga practitioners can pack up these towels to their work-out sessions. Campers can carry the towels to hikes and picnics in rugged terrain. They are also apt for home decorations too. They can be presented as perfect gifts to close ones. Immerse yourself in Loopys' rainbow towels which offer multiple reasons for happiness.