The Bohemian Beauty of Turkish Towels

The Bohemian Beauty of Turkish Towels
Almost six hundred years ago, Turkish bathhouses (also called as hammam) were adorned with generously sized towels made from natural fibres and hand-loomed by artisans from the Aegean regions of Turkey. Even today, these Turkish towels serve as a valuable addition to homes; they are a delightful holiday gift and most importantly a fantastic way to add aesthetic appeal to a space within a limited budget.

Read on to understand how this timeless fabric can add the “oomph” to a home.


Turkish towels on the couch

Apart from forgiving the multiple mistakes of the upholstery, the unpretentious beauty of Turkish towels Melbourne adds more colour and charm to any basic apartment. It can be swathed around furniture to grace the place with better style.


Turkish towels make great table runner

A significant hallmark of Turkish towels Melbourne is their large size. Run the folded towels across the outdoor as well indoor dining table to obtain an organic, phlegmatic tone. The easy-to-wash nature of the Turkish towels is an added advantage.


Turkish towels for the beds too

Duvets are for the traditionalists while the Turkish towel is the choice of the minimalist. Create a layered contrast look for the bed by using the relatively less expensive Turkish towels than having to fluff up a heavy insert for the bed.

Great patterns and the subtleness make Turkish towels an outstanding throw for any part of the home. With wide-ranging origins, these towels effortlessly add an international flair to the living space.