The Incredible Avatars of the Turkish towel

The Incredible Avatars of the Turkish towel

Turkish Towels (also called the Peshtemal) were originally used in Anatolia, Turkey where the fabric was used to cover the body in the traditional bath called hammam. With time, they evolved out of their drab image as a simple bath accessory and became an essential part of the social lives of people in Turkey – thanks to the Ottoman clan of weavers.

Today, the Turkish towels continues to surpass other fabrics in functioning as the most versatile of its kind and serves people in more than one way. Read on to find out more about the interesting avatars of the Turkish towel and why everyone around the world should own one


A travel companion

From serving as a blanket from the cosy train seat to being rolled into small and comfortable pillows on planes, Turkish towels are a fantastic partner for long journeys.


A soothing chum

The compact Turkish towel fits easily into the travel backpack and can be carried along anywhere. Any avid traveller can explain the excruciating pain that catches up from intense travel. Roll the Turkish towel and place it against the low back for some great, pain-relieving lumbar support.


Home décor fun

Turkish towels can practically adorn any part of the home and their softness and colours are sure to add a dash of class and liveliness to the living space.


Body wraps at the beach

Cheap beach towels can be spread over the sand as the sun paints the skin with a natural tan. Turkish towels can also be turned into a chic sarong or a head wrap at the poolside. The super absorbent nature of Turkish towels makes them a great choice as cheap beach towels.