3 Different Types Of Towels

3 Different Types Of Towels

Towels are often underappreciated – they dry us off after a warm bath and help us get rid of dead cells and bacteria. They come in a wide range of shapes and made using a wide range of materials. Before you set out to buy a towel, we help you make your decision by listing the different types of towels:

1. Bamboo Towels:

As the name suggests, bamboo towels are made using bamboo fibres. They could be blended with other synthetic fibres such as spandex or polyester, but that would affect the quality of the towel. Bamboo towels are considered to have anti-bacterial properties and known to be very absorbent. Besides, bamboo is known to be eco-friendly. However, the problem with bamboo towels is that they are expensive and likely to cause allergies in people sensitive to the compounds released from bamboo products.

2. Cotton Towels:

There are different types of cotton, with Egyptian and Turkish cotton considered to be the best among the lot. Turkish towels have been used for more than five hundred years and were originally used in hammams (bathhouses). These towels are traditionally handwoven by families that have been doing so for centuries. Look for Turkish towels made using organic cotton that is free from pesticides and synthetic dyes. Loopys is the best online store to buy Turkish towels in Australia – we not only offer free delivery within Australia but also announce regular discounts for the benefit of our customers. Our range of Turkish towels is affordable and extremely durable as well.

3. Synthetic Towels:

Synthetic towels last for a long time and are affordable. Another advantage of synthetic towels is that they expel water quickly – all you need to do is to wring it; you don’t have to wait until it is completely dry. They are usually a blend of polyester and cotton. However, synthetic towels do not absorb water well and not suited for people with allergies.