Time to Love Turkish Beachwear

Time to Love Turkish Beachwear

There are plain, boring beach towels, and then there are Turkish towelsdesigned to offer the absolute best in quality without taking away from the beauty of the fabric. You already chose the perfect bikini for your stay on the beach, and now is the time to go the additional mile just to get your look perfected. The result will be a look to outclass everyone else on the beach that will leave you feeling confident and ready to face the tallest of waves without hesitation.


Turkish beach towels are unique in that they are created using the traditional looped Turkish style, which will make for a unique and gorgeous look while providing the highest possible quality. Such Turkish towels in Australia are fabricated using only 100% organic cotton, and are actually woven in Turkey and designed right here in Australia. There are many amazingly bright and lasting colours available, and you will fall in love with the beautifully hand knotted fringes on each piece.


So famous that they have more than one name, the Peshtemal or Hammam towel will not only turn heads while you spend time walking along the beach or soaking in the summer sun, they are also light enough to carry with ease and provide expert drying. These only continue to soften over time, as is the nature of the traditional towel, so that you will enjoy even greater benefits in the future. The result is a beach experience unparalleled to any other, and you may yet find yourself ordering every style available, and possibly more.