3 Tips To Help You Travel Light

3 Tips To Help You Travel Light

Travelling light is convenient and prevents unwanted stress while travelling. It helps to save time and money as well. Efficient packing also helps people keep things organised and well-arranged – skills that help them in other aspects of life. If you’d like to learn how to travel light, here are a few tips to help you:

When Packing, Start With A Smaller Suitcase

Travelling light starts with shopping for the right suitcase. Check and compare the suitcase weights before buying them. A typical small suitcase that weighs around 2.10 kg is perfect for a weekend trip. Heavier and bigger suitcases are not only difficult to carry but also tend to encourage people to pack in unwanted things – we mistakenly end up packing things we do not need. And before packing your suitcase, check airline policies for carry-on dimensions.

Make A List

A list helps to avoid last-minute confusion. Besides, you don’t have to worry about missing out something or carry more than one pair of something essential. If you’ve made a list, remember to stick to it! Don’t pack extra clothes that you won’t wear or gadgets that you are unlikely to use. Unless you are a professional blogger, you don’t need more than one camera – more often than not, a good quality camera on your smartphone can do the job!

Use Smart Alternatives

You don’t need a heavy towel. Simple and elegant Turkish towels take little space. They’re made from 100% cotton and hence dry quickly. At Loopys, they’re available in a wide range of designs and colours, making them versatile as well. You can wrap it around like a sarong, drape it like a scarf, or even wear it as a skirt. You can even fashion it into a sling bag! Pour shampoo, conditioner, or liquid soap in small travel containers. You can always refill them during your stay at a hotel.