Travelling with Turkish Towels

If you have never owned a Turkish Towel you don't know what you're missing. Everyone should at least have one!


The benefits are endless but our favourite use for a Turkish Towel is to take on holidays.


Do not be deceived by the thin appearance of Turkish Towels, also known as peshtemals, their light weight and compact ability is their best feature.


Whether travelling on a plane or in the car they make a great leg wrap or blanket to keep you warm. You can also roll your towel to make a head rest or pillow. If you are out on a boat or going on a cruise then the Turkish towel will be your best friend.


These towels are super absorbent, soft and become softer with every wash and a large in size so great for everyone. They also repel sand so you can brush the sand off your towel with ease and not end up with it all over you.


Have you ever dreaded having to take your own bath or beach towels on holidays? We used to until we discovered Turkish towels. They are so compact that you can fold or scrunch them up and put in your handbag, backpack or beach bag with ease.


For those who love hiking and camping then the peshtemal is the perfect accessory. Use to wipe away your sweat, dry off after a shower or swim, take a rest on top of your towel, you will not be disappointed.


Now you know how perfect Turkish beach towels are for travelling all you need to do now is book a vacation!