Turkish Towels for the New Mum

Turkish Towels for the New Mum

While tossing around with a dozen gift ideas for the new mum in the family, the plush Turkish towels may come across as the not-so-common option. However, Turkish towels are so apt for the novice mother; from wrapping the little one in one of those stylish pieces of clothing to covering up while on the beach, Turkish towels serve a multitude of purposes. Read on to learn more…


Turkish towels to treat the otherwise messy apartment

The little one leaves no time for the mum to be up on her toes and to put in extensive efforts to set up the apartment aesthetically. Turkish towels which are affordable and simple can be used to add some colour and class to the otherwise bland apartment that houses a new born. From spreading them across drawing room tables to tucking them into bathrooms, new mums can easily use the Turkish towels in Sydney as décor props for the home.


Turkish towels for the delicate skin of the baby and the mother

After the birth of the child, both the mother and the new born deserve to be cared for delicately. Turkish towels made from 100% organic cotton act gently on the supple skin and give a heavenly experience.


Turkish towels for the spa or the beach

Occasional breaks in the beach and regular visits to the spa are mandatory to get rid of the monotony of staying indoors 24/7. When the mother is lucky enough to find some time away, it is time to flaunt the Turkish towels at the spa or at the beach.