Turkish Towels in the open are just too perfect!

Turkish Towels in the open are just too perfect!

Closed cabinets for towel storage and towel bars or hooks are way too conventional for a modern living space. Whether strewn artistically across furniture or stacked into clearly visible spaces of a home, Turkish towels Melbourne are the king when it comes to outstanding and inexpensive home décor.

Here is a list of innovative solutions to flaunt Turkish towels in the most pleasing ways.


Turkish towels made to look like wall art

Did your new home come with a wine rack that will probably be left to loneliness for the rest of its life? Add freshly rolled Turkish towels into these racks and you will be surprised to see how the patterns and colours of the towels weave themselves like a modern art on the wall.


Turkish towels and a wooden basket

Deeper vanity shelves with a wooden or bamboo basket full of colourful Turkish towels Melbourne may add a subtle touch of pastoral beauty in a Zen-inspired bathroom. Play around with colours that contrast the brownish tinge from the basket.


Stack it up and pair it with the right objects

A marble ledge on one corner of the living room or any unusual place that is a serious challenge in accepting a decorative piece deserves a stack of Turkish towels paired with maybe an antique candle holder or a photo frame.

Storing Turkish towels in the open can be a great way to add more appeal to the home. However, the cleaner and fragrant the towels, the better is the outcome.