Why Do People Love Turkish Cotton Towels?

Why Do People Love Turkish Cotton Towels?

There are dozens of types of towels that vary in style, weight, material. There are some towels that continue to remain popular and have been used for centuries. For instance, Turkish towels have been the personal choice for Turkish families since the 17th century.

Turkish towels are versatile – you can use them as beach towels, use them as scarves, and even style them as sarongs. They are lightweight and perfect for travel. At Loopys, we sell Turkish towels that are woven in Turkey by families that have been weaving them for generations. They are made using 100% organic Turkish cotton.

  • Absorbent: When it comes to quality, Egyptian and Turkish cotton are considered to be the best. While Egyptian cotton tends to be more absorbent, when compared to the latter it is slower to dry. These towels remain wet for long and even smell musty.

Turkish cotton may be a little less absorbent, but it dries out quickly. No wonder, they’re kid friendly and hypoallergenic. And you don’t have to worry about that funky smell on your towels as well!

  • Soft And Comfortable: Turkish cotton is widely known for its extra long fibres. This makes it ideal for sheets and towels. They lend well to spinning and weaving, resulting in a smoother surface and fewer exposed fibre ends. The best thing about Turkish towels is that they become softer over time and use.

  • Long Lasting: Turkish cotton are preferred for their strong and fine fibres. This makes them durable and long lasting.

If you are looking for an incredibly comfortable towel, we’d suggest you buy Turkish towels. Our towels are hand woven, made using the highest quality cotton, and do not bleed colour. They are affordable and available in a wide range of designs.