Your Three Main Australia Summer Essentials

Your Three Main Australia Summer Essentials

You may need water and sunscreen to survive the summer, but if you want to have some summer fun under the Australian sun then you have a short checklist. Making the most of great weather is all about being prepared for it so you can maximize revelry at the beach, the pool or even a garden party.


1.  Number one on your list will be sunglasses to protect your retinas from the blazing glare of the sun. Remember not to settle for classic black and experiment with unusual frames and colours this summer. It is a grand way to ramp up the allure of your ensemble. Leaving without sun glasses in your bag can seriously hamper your fun as you will be shielding your eyes all the while.


2.Turkish towels complete every outing by the pool or even at the beach. You may be opting for functionality, but you must stand by style as well. Go designer this summer and step away from plain white or powder blue towels to embrace vibrant hues. Bright colours and stunning designs are what summer demands and you can couple it with hand knotted tassels for towels that stand out.


3.  A stunning beach wrap or coverall is what you need when you plan to laze on the sands. Opting for a sarong is what many women prefer because it not only keeps the nasty grains away from your skin, but also absorbs sweat. Designer Turkish beach towels perfectly suit this purpose as Peshtemals are gentle to the skin and fit easily into even a small beach bag.


Choosing the pretty tasseled ones gives you a great way to cover-up with the sarong while letting the towel glam up your beach look. Women with sensitive skin will be fine as Turkish Towels are made from organic cotton to ensure there is no skin irritation or reaction to spoil their summer fun.